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Chanjo Plus revolutionised paediatric immunisation journeys, providing children with a seamless vaccine experience and paving the way for a future overflowing with wellness.

Guarding Their Health

Immunisation shields your child against a range of preventable diseases, safeguarding their health and well-being.

Promoting Lifelong Wellness

Immunisation sets the foundation for a lifetime of good health, reducing the risk of serious complications and long-term consequences from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Preventing Outbreaks

Herd immunity, achieved through widespread immunisation, helps shield vulnerable individuals who cannot receive certain vaccines, creating a safer environment for all children.

Global Impact

Supporting childhood immunisation has a global impact, contributing to the eradication and control of diseases worldwide.

Streamlined Immunisation For Kids — One Shot At A time, so they have equal opportunities for a brighter future

In a world where immunisation saves lives, Chanjo Plus has been the solution to address the challenges faced in this crucial process. It has been driven by a powerful goal: to minimise the occurrence of vaccine-preventable diseases and mitigate the risk of epidemics by elevating vaccination rates.

With the lack of proper identification and registration mechanisms, many children, especially in areas with poor infrastructure, have been missing out on essential vaccinations. Chanjo Plus has been dedicated to helping health workers and patients navigate the immunisation journey seamlessly. By providing efficient tools and support, it has been empowering health workers and ensuring that every child receives the necessary vaccinations, delivering positive health, social, and economic benefits.


Chanjo Plus has achieved remarkable milestones in its mission. With a focus on sustainable roll-out, Chanjo Plus has made significant strides in expanding healthcare facility reach and infant reach. To date, Chanjo Plus has successfully reached 14,274 infants, ensuring they receive essential vaccinations for a healthier start in life. Additionally, the brand has extended its impact to 5 clinics, providing crucial immunisation services. With a vision to reach 1.5 million newborns in Kenya annually and support 10,000 clinics, Chanjo Plus continues to make a tangible difference in safeguarding children’s health and well-being.

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